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Black Friday TV Deals 2013 »

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Samsung Slim Led HDTV

The shopping season is upon us and many people are looking for great deals on televisions.

With the news that Amazon followed by Walmart, and then Best Buy are the retailers with the best Black Friday 2013 deals for TVs (and other gadgets such as computers, phones and cameras) we have compiled a nice list of the top selling televisions from the world’s largest online retailer for your shopping convenience.

The best Black Friday TV deals are:

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Vizio Windows 8 11.6-inch Tablet Has 1080p Display & AMD Processor »

Vizio Tablet PC

Vizio that is mostly known for its flat TV screens, is slowly trying to make a splash elsewhere.

After releasing a 24-inch all-in-one desktop model in September 2012 that some found was too pricey and not performing well enough, the company has plans to unveil an 11.6-inch Windows 8 tablet with a 1080p display and an AMD processor.

This is the first tablet of this kind to offer this mix of display and processor.

Vizio will officially debut the new product at CES in the upcoming days. No information concerning the price tag was given at the moment.

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Internet Providers Going After Online Pirates »

Beware evildoer downloaders!

Under a new anti-piracy effort announced on Thursday, anyone who illegally downloads copyrighted movies, television, music and more might find their bandwidth squeezed to a trickle.

It’s because now US Internet service providers are joining in on the effort to stem off the massive piracy. The companies will warn owners six times before dropping the hammer and will send the warnings via emails or pop up messages.

The providers will implement certain restrictions but will give users the option to plead their case just in case they didn’t know a site was a pirate site as many pirate sites look more legitimate than legitimate sites. It takes a trained eye to tell the difference and for people who aren’t web savvy, it’s very easy to deceive them.

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Billion-pixel Camera For Milky Way Shots? »

Get ready for a new look at our Milky Way Galaxy as the European Space Agency states it has finally completed their largest digital camera ever built for space exploration.

This camera which is due to be launched onboard the Gaia mission in 2013 for the Esa has an astounding one billion pixel array camera that should create a three dimensional image of our galaxy.

The camera is so precise that the ESA says that if it were on the surface of the Earth it could measure the size of a person’s fingernail if they were on the Moon.

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Facebook Parties Banned in Germany? »

Germany is ready to outlaw what are called “Facebook Parties” due to several incidents of people getting out of control and causing damage and injury.

The parties occur when people promote a party but don’t stop to adjust their privacy settings or don’t realize the ramifications of what they’re doing.

In several cases not only in Germany, hundreds if not thousands of people show up at private parties and venues meant for a smaller crowd after hearing about it all via Facebook.

In the US, small riots have broken out when people showed up en masse to these wild parties causing civil unrest, property damage and some injuries to civilians and police.

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Ever surf Facebook at work but were afraid your boss would catch you? Well fear no more as it’s reported that a new website lets you surf the popular social networking site without the chance of your boss catching on.

Well that’s what this story claims anyhow.

Of course it was college students who came up with this gem. The website is called and via it’s technology converts your Facebook news feed into an excel spreadsheet so that it looks like you’re working instead of finding out if that chick from your old high school has posted new pictures of herself.

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