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10 Facebook Facts And You

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An entertaining survey about Facebook came out last week and the findings are sure to raise an eyebrow or two.

Some of the interesting results say that over half of Americans think it’s irresponsible to ‘friend’ your boss, meaning to add your boss to the list of friends you associate with on Facebook. In addition it was found that 62% felt it was wrong for a boss or manger to befriend an employee.

Other startling findings by the study are that information about sex is shared 90% more than the average post. Also, Facebook relationships are happier than single people relationships.

How about that 21% of people wouldn’t find it a problem to break up with someone via Facebook. That brings the issue of “Dear John Letters” into the digital age.

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The study also found that 85% of women are annoyed by their Facebook friends. The things that got under women’s skin were friends who annoyed them by complaining all the time, sharing unsolicited political views, and bragging about their seemingly perfect lives.

Now something alarming also came to the fore as it was discovered a whopping 25% of households don’t use privacy controls on their Facebook accounts. That number is scary because it can be used by hackers to wreak major damage.

This study shows just how much of an impact Facebook is having on our lives in general and that the social networking world is becoming a reality networking world that reveals more about ourselves.

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