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Wal-Mart Beats Apple In Music Sales »

According to a report published by the NPD Group Apple‘s iTunes is now the second largest U.S. music retailer and will take the top spot from Wal-Mart by the end of the year.Apple says 50 million customers have bought over 4 billion songs, with 20 million sold on Christmas day alone. With the percentage of […]

Worldwide YouTube Outage Last Sunday Caused By Pakistan’s Government »

Millions of Internet users lost access to YouTube for several hours on Sunday because Pakistan’s government tried to block access to the popular website and that affected other countries.An Internet expert said : Sunday’s problems came after a Pakistani telecommunications company complied with the block by directing requests for YouTube videos to a “black hole.” […]

Japan Launches High-speed Communications Satellite Kizuna »

Here is a picture of the H-2A rocket carrying the Kizuna satellite.Japan has successfully launched an experimental 342 million H-2A rocket carrying the Kizuna satellite that will provide high-speed Internet access across Asia earlier today.According to reports: The communications satellite, expected to be in use for five years, separated from the rocket approximately 35 minutes […]

Yahoo Buys Online Video Firm Maven Networks Inc. »

Yahoo Inc. has bought an online video service called Maven Networks Inc. for $160 million earlier today.The internet giant is desperately trying to expand its online advertising network and get out of a two-year financial fiasco. Maven helps television and movie studios find Web sites to show their videos and manage the accompanying advertisements. The […]