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Xbox 360 Pro Price Drop »

Xbox 360 Price Drop It appears that the Xbox 360 Pro’s price will drop to $299.99 in K-Mart stores nationwide on July 6,2008.The price rolling can only be confirmed for the “Xbox 360 20GB console” at the moment as for the Arcade and Elite versions of the console no word as yet. Nonetheless rumors are […]

FLIP Camera:Flip Mino »

The FLIP Camera Thanks to the wonders of technology the FLIP CAMERA aka the Flip Mino was launched few days ago.It is the very first Flip Video camcorder that comes equipped with a rechargeable internal battery.Priced at $179 here are its features: It has a tiny handy little video camera that makes shooting video very […]

Iriver Domino Flash Drives »

Iriver Discreet Domino Flash Drives Reigncom has released its sliding discreet USB memory also called ‘iriver domino’. Available in 2GB and 4GB capacities, you can get them in white, silver, black, chocolate, pink or coral pink color options. Out only in Korea for the moment the 2GB costs $21 and the 4GB for $34.

Sergey Brin Google Co-founder Books Space Flight »

Sergey Brin co-founder of Google has invested $5 million in a company that will send two citizens to space in 2011. The money serves as an advance deposit on a future space flight. The New York Times reports: …the passengers will have greater control over their flight and not simply be “piggybacking” on a government-sponsored […]

Packard Bell New Laptops In Italy »

Packard Bell has released a list of machines in Italy today which includes a wide range of new laptops .It presented the TN line (pictured above) which is set to appeal to a younger audience with low prices and multimedia features.The EasyNote RS65 13.3-incher which comes in red and chrome also has highlights and circular […]

iPhone 3G Apple Launch »

Apple iPhone 3G Launch Apple has launched the new iPhone 3G phone today.Here are the features of the iPhone 3G that will cost $199: 8GB, Exchange support, A-GPS and 3G data all make an extremely compelling case, Apple still has plenty to improve on,for example there’s still no physical keyboard, there is no copy and […]