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PS3 Update 2.42:Life With Playstation »

Playstation 3 Update 2.42 -PS3 Update 2.42 has finally arrived.PlayStation 3 update 2.42 is a firmware update that allows the following changes: PS3 Update 2.42 only improves the playback quality of some PlayStation 3 and PlayStation format software. There is no added functions and the XMB looks pretty much the same. Life with playstation has […]

Cuil Launched By Anna Patterson » is a new search engine created by former Google employees,including Anna Patterson,the head behind the wants to take over the search engine market dominated by Google.The new search engine claims to have the biggest database of content available. Nonetheless as of Monday,after its launch, needed some serious improvements.

Resident Evil Degeneration »

Resident Evil “Degeneration” trailer has been released by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.The forthcoming CG-animated Resident Evil: Degeneration DVD via IGN Movies will be available by the end of this year.Here is the synopsis of the film. In the film, the “Umbrella Incident” that took place in Raccoon City was ended with the eradication of the […]

New Facebook »

The new Facebook is now at your disposal.The new Facebook design has a layout that is easier to read.Additionally has an expanded Wall, the section of a member’s personal profile page where friends can leave comments and photos.Users will now be able to add items more easily, and the Wall will incorporate reports on […]

GOOG:Google Earnings »

Google/Goog’s earnings have fallen a bit more than the investors had predicted during the second quarter.In other words the recession has managed to hit the Internet search giant. Google/Goog ‘s earnings reached to $1.25 billion, or $3.92 per share, during the last three months which is a 35 percent increase from net income of $925 […]

Resident Evil 5 Controversy »

The Resident Evil 5 controversy will not stop the game,from being released on Friday March 13, 2009.In Resident Evil 5 which takes place in Haiti,Caucasian men are seen killing black people that are zombie like.There was an out cry of racism but Resident Evil 5’s producer Jun Takeuchi said at the E3 ’08–Microsoft’s Press Briefing […]