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Sprint Android Coming Soon »

Sprint Android Coming Soon – Dan Hesse who is the CEO of Sprint has revealed that Android is coming sooner than later.During Fortune’s Brainstorm:Tech conference Hesse said: “There have been shortages of the device.It’s too early to tell.” On the Palm Pre,he stated: “There’s things all over people are speculating.Most of the speculation I read […]

Samsung NVIDIA Tegra Phone Release »

Samsung NVIDIA Tegra Phone Release – It is now official Samsung is hard at work in order to release their latest gadget called the NVIDIA Tegra Phone.Here is a brief presentation of the NVIDIA’s Tegra processor that will be included in the device via Laptopmag: Unfamiliar with Tegra? Imagine taking your smart phone and plugging […]

iTunes Trojan Horse Small.bog:Itunes Virus »

iTunes Trojan Horse Small.bog:Itunes Virus – The well known anti-virus program called AVG went crazy and wrongly decided that iTunes was a virus/trojans named “trojan horse small.bog”.Here is how to fix the Itunes trojan horse small.bog issue:

Palm WebOS 1.1 Fixes iTunes 8.2.1 Syncing »

The Palm webOS 1.1.0. has been released for you to download and update your gadget.Palm webOS 1.1.0. has the following features: A better Gmail handling system More auto-complete / auto correct entries in the dictionary. The Javascript interpreter Performance has been upgraded Animated drop down menus And much more. You can download the Palm webOS […]


MLT,MLT – MLT/MLT program can be found at Leadership for Tomorrow/ is a national non- profit organization that helps African American, Hispanic and Native American leaders succeed in major corporations and entrepreneurial ventures.John Rice, who runs Management Leadership for Tomorrow was featured in CNN Black in America 2 this evening. That’s all we […]

Apple Earnings:Aapl Earnings »

Apple Earnings:Aapl Earnings – Apple earnings/AAPL/aapl earnings are here.Earlier today Apple reported its third-quarter earnings and it is way higher than expected.The company brought in $8.34 billion, resulting in earnings of $1.35 per share which is 12 percent increase from last night.The enterprise sold over 2.6 million Macs, that’s up 4 percent from a year […]