Archive for January, 2010 » – can be found at the following address will find all the infos that you need about the 2010 Grammy Awards held at the Staples Center earlier tonight.If you are searching for the names of the winners,check them out below.

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Notehall:( – Notehall ( is a website where students can buy and sell class notes, study guides, and lecture only caters to Arizona State, University of Arizona and University of Kansas as of right now.Notehall is growing soon it will add other universities to this list.Check out this site at scam is the […]

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iPad price/iPad 3G plan/iPad cost/iPad tablet/iPad thoughts are here.Earlier today Steve Jobs announced and unveiled the latest craze gadget the iPad/Apple Tablet.The iPad is priced at $499 for the 16GB version,the 32 GB version will cost you $599, while the 64GB versions is only for $699. All of these three models come with WiFi,you can […]

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Google Earnings Results:Google Stock Price – Google Earnings infos can be found here.Google Inc.(goog) is reporting its strongest revenue growth in a year thanks to the company’s solid increase in advertising.The internet giant also issued a firm statement claiming that they want to continue doing business in China despite saying otherwise few weeks ago.The search […]

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Red Cross Donation Haiti – Red Cross Haiti Donation guide and instructions can be found here.If you have decided to donate some money to Red Cross for the Haiti relief,after the mammoth of earthquake that hit the island,you can do so by texting,mailing a check or by calling.Here are your options: -Donate online by visiting […]

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90999 Red Cross Haiti Text – 90999 Haiti/ 90999 Text info can be found here.By texting the word “Haiti” to 90999,you will automatically donate $10 via the Red Cross International Relief Fund to help the Haitian rescue effort.AT&T said in a statement: