Archive for April, 2010 » – has brought a new style to the web and is allowing women to express their emotions to the world. The website is said to allow women to vent and release their frustrations about anything that they desire to tell people about. You can go ahead and confess yourself and people won’t tell […]

Apple Earnings Q1 2010 »

Apple Earnings Q1 2010 – Profits for Apple rose nearly 90% in the second quarter of this year. The company was able to sell nearly 9 million iPhones, a figure that shocked many and topped estimates by analysts around the globe. This is partially because the iPhone has seen a large spike in demand in […]

New iPhone Gizmodo:iPhone 4G »

New iPhone Gizmodo:iPhone 4G – Over the weekend three photos were published on Engadget that are reportedly of the next generation iPhone. Along with the photos was a wild story about finding the newest version of the iPhone hidden inside of the older iPhone 3G case. This case was reportedly found on the floor of […]

iPhone 4G Preview On Gizmodo »

iPhone 4G Preview On Gizmodo – Everyone has been really excited to hear about Apples latest innovations. The iPhone has been one of the biggest sellers all around the world and when something new is coming out from Apple, everyone is sure to notice. The next iPhone has been expected to improve on many different […]

Frequent Password Changes Useless Says Study »

Frequent Password Changes Useless Says Study – So many websites are causing their users to change their passwords consistently. Sometimes, the network will even deliver you an automated password and then have you login in order to change it to something new. While this might increase security slightly, it has become apparent that the frequent […]

Indiana Unemployment »

Indiana Unemployment – Indiana Unemployment Uplink/ infos and website can be found here. Last week the Indiana Department of Workforce Development unveiled a pair of easy to use tools which will enable them to combat unemployment fraud. The DWD has revealed that the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund debt, which now stands at $1.8 billion […]