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Pac Man Google Game »

Pac Man Google Game – When Google replaced their logo with a playable Pac Man game on the 30th anniversary of the release of Pac Man, the game quickly went viral on the web. While there had been many playable Pac Man games online previously, many people just did not think to look for it. […]

Zabasearch:Zaba Search (Zabba Search?) »

Zabasearch:Zaba Search (Zabba Search?) – Zabasearch is a free search engine that allows users to access public information and records that have been stored in government and other public databases. Users still have to pay for the most detailed information that is held by Zabasearch. That information includes background checks, which will not be free […] Your Unclaimed Money » Your Unclaimed Money – The Public Benefit Guaranty Corporation is able to help individuals find lost pension money that would have otherwise gone unclaimed. The site is not some elaborate scheme that will end up charging you a large amount of money, and they do not require any money to provide you with any […]

Google TV Beta »

Google TV Beta – Google doesn’t just want to be your source for information when your using your computer and mobile phones, they would also like a piece of the television pie as well. At their latest I/O conference, Google announced a new product that they have been developing with a number of other companies […] » – which is the new website created by Fox News for its latest program called America Live which is hosted by Megyn Kelly can be found at the following address On the website you can find videos and live discussions about the hottest topics of day that were mentioned on the program.You […]

MySpace Privacy Settings Simplified »

MySpace Privacy Settings Simplified – MySpace, taking a hint from the recent problems that have surrounded Facebook, has decided to simplify their privacy settings in order to allow users to keep the information that they place on their profiles more private.The plans were announced today that they were planning on simplifying the privacy settings for […]