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Facebook Most Visited Website Of The Year, Tops Google »

At the top of the “Most visited websites”, Facebook has taken first place for 2010, finally beating Google for the coveted spot that many thought would go to the search engine. Hitwise reported that the social networking website accounted for almost 9 percent of all website visits in the U.S between January and November of […]

Skype Outage Blamed On Microsoft Windows Software »

There are plenty of outraged Skype users who had to go without access to the page for nearly 24 hours because of what they call a glitch in their software which led to the outage. Apparently only users with Microsoft Windows operating systems experienced problems with getting on the website that extended for nearly a […]

Mozilla Add-On Developer User Data Exposed »

Some of the data from people who initially developed Mozilla was accidentally revealed for a brief period of time because of a mistake on the server which Mozilla runs on. The browser has been disabled the accounts of the individuals in question and reset all of their passwords for security reasons. One of the registered […]

Kindle Best Selling Product Ever, Says Amazon », arguably the most popular online marketplace, has declared that the Kindle is the best-selling product ever, at least for their website. Although has declared that the Kindle is wildly successful as far as sales are concerned, they still have not yet released any figures that would help to put this success in some […]

Skype Apple Video Chat App »

Apple users should be happy to hear the news that Skype is planning to bring video chat features for those who use these devices by January of 2011. Rumors of the news have been circulating around for a while but it was not until recently that it was officially confirmed. Reports state that the final […]

Google TV Logitech Delay »

There are multiple rumors going around that Google will be taking over when it comes to internet TV software, as the company is expected to start releasing it in January of 2011. Logitech has not reported any change in their sales and has not yet commented on all of the rumors that have been going […]