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NORAD Santa Tracker Gets Help From Michelle Obama »

Juliana-Rose Hatcher from Goose Creek, South Carolina spent the entire night Friday tracking Santa Claus’ movements via NORAD’s hotline set up for this explicit purpose. The lucky little girl got help from First Lady Michelle Obama when trying to figure out exactly where Santa was. The eight year old said that she told Obama that […]

NORAD Santa Tracker 2010: Where Is Santa Right Now On Google Earth? »

There are quite a few people who do not realize that tracking Santa’s travel across the world is a tradition that the North American Aerospace Command follows and it is on its 55th consecutive year now. The inside technicians of NORAD have started to drop some hints as to just how they manage to track […]

Sony Buying Toshiba Chip Line »

Sony is currently in the process of holding talks with Toshiba to buy back Toshiba’s microchip line which is estimated to sell for around 50 billion yen or 598 million dollars in order to increase the output of their mobile phones as well as cameras. Sony originally sold the facility to Toshiba for 90 billion […]

Google Underwear Scandal: Google Sued For Photographing Japanese Woman Undies »

A woman who was photographed in her underwear on Google Street View is now suing the search engine for taking a picture of her without consent. She says that her anxiety was overwhelming when she discovered the photograph on street cam. She claims at first she thought that she might have been the victim of […]

Skype Down w Connection Problems: Skype Won’t Connect »

After Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Amazon suffered major down time, earlier today Skype was the latest internet service to suffer a long power outage – and it appears that the massive interruption of service is global. Skype tweeted a message from their Twitter page at 12PM ET where they apologized for the inconvenience and promised […]

Net Neutrality Rules Approved »

Net neutrality has been a hot issue in recent months due to the growing number of people who have been rallying for the laws to pass because the internet’s free flow of information. The net neutrality laws were initially proposed by the Obama administration and since then there have been a number of complaints from […]