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Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta Seems Promising »

Even though Firefox 10 may not come with a lot of changes, it is still very nearly perfect. The browser is more stable than ever and has demonstrated its superiority over other browsers such as Internet Explorer as well as the relatively new Chrome from Google. One of the few changes that is being made […]

What Happened To WorldStarHipHop? Back »

Super rap star, actor, producer 50 Cent is once again in a controversy regarding a domain name seizure called and later posted about the action on Twitter. It was then rumored that 50 Cent had the domain seized after reporting it to the Department of Homeland Security and/or the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agencies. […]

Verizon Down: Outage In Some States »

A service outage was reported by Verizon on Monday and spokesperson Melanie Ortel informed the Huffington Post that there was indeed an outage but that the problem was resolved around 3:50 pm Monday. The Post reports that she said the issue dealt with Hampton Roads and the surrounding area. The subscribers in Virginia and North […]

Twitter’s Ad Revenue Triples »

Twitter is supposed to triple its total advertising revenue in 2011, potentially generating as much as $250 million by 2012 which is a figure taken from the projection made by a certain research firm. This is one of the most recent valuations of the social networking company that has been valued at a total of […]

Hacker Sells Access To Government Websites »

An unidentified hacker is currently selling access to multiple government and university domains, going for anywhere from $50 to $500 a piece. The breach was originally discovered by Imperva which is a specialized internet security firm and is currently trying to track down the hacker. The homepage for the U.S Army as well as the […] Down On Sunday »

The AZUI site which provides online services for unemployment insurance issues is currently out of service. Some of the services provided include help with continued claims, the tax wages system, initial claims and the benefit appeal system. A message posted on the site advises access is expected to be returned shortly when maintenance is completed. […]