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Facebook Investors Leaving? »

Look out Wall Street! A report says that some Facebook shareholders are looking at offloading $1 billion worth of their shares on the secondary market that could bring the value of the company to $70 billion. Some of the investors figure that Facebook couldn’t possibly grow to the level that it’s valued at and that […]

Spaceport $200K Flights »

In the old days people predicted that by the year 2000 AD that Americans would be living and doing business in outer space with ease. Well, that’s a way off the mark prediction but with the new Virgin Galactic sub orbital tourist business about to launch by 2013 it’s getting closer. The company is so […]

Facebook Used To Get Criminals »

Here’s another situation that might make Facebook and other social networking fans want to change things around as it’s been learned that federal investigators in Detroit, Michigan have actually obtained search warrants to access the Facebook accounts of people they suspect as criminals. The warrants let the feds see everything on a person’s Facebook page […]

Ricky Gonzalez & Estefany Danelia Martinez Facebook Posts Lead To Arrests »

Another incident of stupidity and social networking has landed several people in jail for bank robbery after they reportedly boasted about their crimes on their Facebook pages. The two people in custody ripped off a Texas bank according to an affidavit from the FBI Special Agent Kevin J. Katz. The two people, Ricky Gonzalez, 18 […]

Drop In Nokia’s Market Share In First Quarter »

The popularity of Verizon has soured with the company’s introduction of the iPhone. T-Mobile, with its Catherine Zeta Jones ads, has remained a distant competitor. Yet, Nokia has really suffered amidst the growing popularity of other companies, as Apple sold a record number of iPhones when they became compatible with Verizon users. Apple got a […]

White House Eyes DHS Cyber Responsibilities Expansion »

When computer geeks took over the world they didn’t count on the ramifications of the Frankenstein’s monster they’d created. In this story, the White House itself has drafted a bill that expands the Department of Homeland Security’s power and cyber responsibilities. This new legislation, not a memo, but legislation from the White House raises eyebrows […]