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Google Youtube Copyright School »

As if Google doesn’t have enough to do now they’re cracking down on YouTube video users with a requirement that violators have to watch a copyright tutorial and pass a test if they want to go back and post any new videos. It’s like when you were a kid and threw a spitball in class […]

Internet Ad Revenue Climbing »

Talk about a huge haul! In 2010 it’s reported that the internet brought in an astounding $26 billion in revenue, up 15 percent from the previous year. The Interactive Advertising Bureau and PsC released the latest figures which shows five consecutive quarters of growth. The stats break down to the search engines hauling in 46% […]

Dick Durbin Eyes Internet Sales Taxes »

Senator Dick Durbin is pushing a piece of legislation that would introduce an Internet sales tax that would make it necessary for sales online such as Amazon and Overstock to include state sales tax. Durbin, and his plan want to even the playing field because he finds it wrong that out of state companies making […]

In The Plex Book On Google and Apple »

A new book that’s scheduled to hit the shelves this week is supposed to be so hot that it may tear the roof of the secret Google empire. “In The Plex” is a book authored by one Steven Levy who is a tech reporter who states he’d done two years of research into Google. The […]

Skype, Gmail Targeted By Russian Security Service »

Somebody call the Kremlin! The Russian security service is out for blood and it’s Google, Gmail, Skype and Hotmail that are the target of the agency who want to ban them all as they’ve been determined to be security threats. The big boss there, Alexander Andreyechkin made the statements about the heavily used web services […]

Credit Score Sites Sued »

Get ready to check your credit scores! A lawsuit has been filed in a California federal court that points to credit reporting agency giant Experian for defrauding customers. The class action lawsuit status says that Experian is intentionally confusing, false advertising and not delivering the goods to consumers who pay for the company’s and […]