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10 Facebook Facts And You »

An entertaining survey about Facebook came out last week and the findings are sure to raise an eyebrow or two. Some of the interesting results say that over half of Americans think it’s irresponsible to ‘friend’ your boss, meaning to add your boss to the list of friends you associate with on Facebook. In addition […]

Lockheed Martin Hacking Problem »

Hackers again have wreaked havoc as it’s reported they’ve broken into none other than the top secret Lockheed Martin that is the manufacturer of US military weapons. This is something so serious that national security could have been compromised. They not only hacked Lockheed Martin but also into the realms of several other US military […]

Howard Stringer Sony Hackers Drama »

The inside story of Sony Corp’s war with hackers is coming out and it looks like the war is nowhere near over. It is now known that Sony had been under threats and attacks for years. They’ve been the target of the group Anonymous, a loose group of terrorist hackers that have been wreaking havoc […]

Apple Macs Scareware Attacks Problem »

It was bound to happen. Now Apple users are facing a growing attack of scareware that has been a constant plague to Windows users. The new attacks tell Apple users that their software has been infected and that they need to input personal information like credit card data. The crooks then use the information for […]

Facebook Depression Phenomenon »

It was bound to happen that a psychological disorder would be assigned to Facebook users. In this case it’s assigned to teens who obsess over the social networking phenomenon. It’s the American Academy of Pediatrics that puts out this cautionary tome saying that teens might basically be overwhelmed with data regarding the amount of friend […]

8 More Domains Seized By FBI »

The US has had the Department of Homeland Security continue it’s march to apprehend pirates on the web by taking over eight more website domains bringing to 128 domains that have been confiscated by the feds under their anti-piracy crusade. The seizures of these properties are being done just like any other property with court […]