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Apple Cloud Music Service Near »

Amazon Inc and Google had better step up their goals to have a comprehensive cloud based music streaming service because it’s reported that Apple Inc is about to close their deals with the big music companies and launch their own cloud based service. The streaming service is basically where customers can access their MP3s and […]

Sony Sites Face More Security Issues »

Sony is in even more trouble as another hacking attack has hit the company. After a month long battle with hackers that had brought the Sony Playstation network to it’s knees, Sony rallied it’s forces to get the network back online but not after 77 million users felt the brunt of the attack. Personal information […]

Facebook Eyes China »

Facebook is on the march in China as the social networking company is looking at ways to expand and dominate. It was at the Global Technology Summit that the news was spread out by Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg who took the time to let Reuters know what was going on. Added to that excitement […]

Sony New Security Flaw »

It didn’t take Sony long to find another problem to deal with. The company that had been battling a month long shut down of their popular PlayStation network due to an historic hacker attack has had to shut down the website they put up that was helping customers of their network. Sony’s PlayStation network had […]

Sony PlayStation On Hacker Response »

Their PlayStation may be back up and running and so is their arrogance as it’s reported that SONY Corp’s CEO Howard Stringer isn’t sorry about the way the company handled the hacking attack on their popular network that serves close to 100 million people. A few weeks ago Sony’s other top bosses bowed in apology […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Tablets Recall 2011 »

It’s reported that the company Research In Motion Ltd recalled around 1,000 of its Playbook tablets. Apparently the tablets have a flaw in the operating system’s operation system build that is a potential problem. The potential problems would happen during initial start up and that isn’t good. that makes the Blackberry said the overall […]