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Windows Phone 7 : Microsoft Mobile Smartphone

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Windows Phone 7 : Microsoft Mobile Smartphone – So far, Microsoft has been unable to establish a position in the smart phone industry. Now, with the release of Windows Phone 7, they are looking to take the leap. The operating system was recently exposed to customers via a prototype device that will never be mass-produced, and the reviews for the operating system were great.
But, is the system good enough to help Microsoft move ahead in the market? With the iPhone, Blackberry, and Android operating systems already in full swing, have they struck gold after the gold rush has come to an end? Microsoft has seen their share of the smartphone market fade away; prompting the company to stop production of their Kin smartphone just two months after the phone went on sale, electing to focus on the Windows Phone 7.

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While most shoppers focus on the hardware, many do not account for the role that software plays in a smartphone user’s experience. Microsoft has shown that they are serious about developing a product that will benefit users, but now they have the task of convincing users that they are capable of bringing to the table all of the same things that other companies have been doing for quite some time.
Instead of going for a complex interface as they usually do, Microsoft Windows Phone 7 employs a minimalistic interface that allows the user to easily navigate between applications and screens. recently said that the new operating system showed “major improvements” over their previous attempts.
So, now that Microsoft appears to be moving in the right direction, will they be able to build on their momentum?

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