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4chan Tumblr DDoS Attack

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4chan Tumblr DDoS Attack – Hugely popular forum/website 4Chan has declared a war against Tumblr. Why?
Well many 4Chan members believe that users on Tumblr are wrong to copy other people’s articles,images,contents and never giving credits nor acknowledging the original publishers of the posts they simply paste on the site.

4Chan will take serious action against the microblogging platform in few hours – but the good news is that if they do decide to stop illegally taking other writers/bloggers’ stories,videos and original ideas, the 4Channers will have mercy on them and roll back.

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But by the looks of things this internet fight will take place. All signs seem to indicate that attack will take place because instead of trying to avoid getting buried alive- the site plans to hit back 4Chan on Monday in order to punish the website for messing with them.

Who is wrong and who is right in this fight?

Which server do you think will crash?

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