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8 More Domains Seized By FBI

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The US has had the Department of Homeland Security continue it’s march to apprehend pirates on the web by taking over eight more website domains bringing to 128 domains that have been confiscated by the feds under their anti-piracy crusade.

The seizures of these properties are being done just like any other property with court orders and due process. They just don’t barge in there and take a domain based on rumor or innuendo. The effect of the program has criminals on the run all over the world.

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The program is called “Operation In Our Sites” and has put a major crimp in the style of bootleggers and intellectual property pirates all over.

The success of the operation has lawmakers wondering if they should increase the agencies powers to seize such website domains and issue harsher penalties. The mere presence of this agency has pirates on their toes and parents especially who need to monitor what their kids do online. Should a minor take part in these sites or start one up, they risk severe repercussions from the law.

These criminal websites plague web surfers with their spamming, malware and virus attacks and identity theft.

As the operation gets more muscle it’s sure to spread and soon pirates are going to have to run for the hills.

The sites that were seized are:

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