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912 Project

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912 Project – 912 project/9/12 Project can be found at the following address Project commonly known as 912 project or 9-12 Project is a concept/philosophy put together by FOX News’ commentator and radio host Glen Beck.9-12 Project centers on the following 12 values and principals in order to be a better American.
Honesty,Reverence,Hope,Thrift,Humility,Charity,Sincerity,Moderation,Hard Work,Courage,Personal Responsibility and Gratitude.
Today the project is celebrating its first year anniversary and Beck has revealed that he will soon be publishing a book entitled “The Plan” where he will lay out the next steps that must be taken in order to really achieve the goal of being a great American.
Those initiatives proposed by Beck will help with “restoring the meaning of merit in our Republic” and “save our country…”
That’s all we have for now on 912 Project.

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