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Adult Texting On The Rise

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Adult Texting On The Rise – Teenagers have known the joys of a quick text message for many years, many years before many adults have come to realism their ease of use and convenience. It’s almost second nature to many teenagers, as natural as breathing.

A recent study done has found, that despite teenagers still leading in text sending, adults are slowly catching up, as they start being able to grasp the technological world that teenagers now grow up with as normal.

Currently, about 87% of teenagers sms regularly, sending on average 50 messages a day. Adults number at about 72% sending text messages, at an average of 10 a day. This is up from last year, with 65% of adults preferring to send text messages over phone calls.

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“Texting among adults has reached the mainstream … ,” said Amanda Lenhart, a senior research specialist at the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project and the author the report. “Of course, none of these adult groups hold a candle to teens when it comes to texting, who swamp adults in messages sent per day by a factor of five.”

Surprisingly, in the area of social networking, those over 50 are the ones now getting heavily involved. The over 50 age group are the fastest growing users of sites such as facebook and twitter, as they keep track of their family and friends, and are finding old friends on the site that otherwise they would never have been able to contact.

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