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Alabama Department of Revenue Down – Problems Solved

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Alabama Department of Revenue Down – Problems Solved – The website for the Alabama Department of revenue has been down throughout the day. Normally located at, many have reported that the website times out when they try to visit it.

There are a number of reasons why this could be happening. Because it is the middle of the month, the number of visitors trying to access the website could be pushing them path their allotted bandwidth and could be bringing the website down. They also could have fallen victim to a Denial of Service attack, during which hackers will send bots to visit the website in order to bring it down when it goes over it allotted bandwidth amount.

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The Alabama Department of revenue recently sent out letters requesting that taxes from purchases on websites like and be paid. If the website is down because of an attack, it could be a protest of the new law that requires the citizens of the state to pay taxes on online purchases, even when they are made out of state. It is estimated that most states lose millions of dollars in revenue every year when online purchases are made, and sales tax is not paid.

Of course, the website could have many people visiting in an effort to read about the new law after receiving the letter, and that could also be making it come down. The organization has yet to release information regarding their downtime, and it is expected that they will sort the issue out and have the website back up shortly.

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