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Amazon Acquires LoveFilm (Netflix European)

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Amazon has just acquired what is referred to as the European equivalent to Netflix and it is called LoveFilm International.

Although not many people in the U.S may recognize the name, it is extremely popular in Europe and is considered to be one of the major retail giants when it comes to renting movies and TV shows.

While it seems as if there are still some closing conditions being worked out between and the current owner of the website, it seems as though it is going to go through sometimes in the near future. LoveFilm ships to people who live in Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Norway, and the UK.

While they may have not acquired the same kind of notoriety as Netflix in the U.S, they are still a major hit in Europe with consumers. People who use their services are able to rent DVDs as well as games without ever having to worry about late fees.
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The business operates on the same premise as Netflix, allowing the person to return the game or DVD whenever they are done with it so they can get the next one in their queue.

They have been providing these services for a number of years and now it seems as though Amazon has become interested in them as well.

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