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Amazon Buys Woot

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Amazon Buys Woot – It’s no new thing for big companies to see something another website is implementing, like the idea and instantly try to buy them out and improve upon what they started. Amazon has remained fairly unnoticed in the website buying industry but they recently entered the marking by picking up the famous deal-a-day site named “Woot.” The site has been a big name in the gadget scene where everyone is trying to snap up the latest cool devices for cheap prices.

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Woot is based in Dallas where it started as a small team company posting their deals. Recently, they featured something other than a deal, a sales notice. They announced that they had officially been sold to “Amazon” on Wednesday. They even published a short letter which was written by the chief executive of the website, Matt Rutledge which showed a video of a happily dancing and rapping monkey.
His statements went viral quickly, “We used to be a little fly-by-night but son, starting today, we’re a big time site!” The monkey was unable to clarify what type of deal was made with the company.
Woot was one of the best in the social shopping world. It was a great location for customers to find exactly what they wanted and at the best possible price they could find. It was started in 2004 and has featured well price products everyday ever since. Just Wednesday the site featured a well price Ipod Nano for close to $50 off what it would cost you at Apple. The same product was well over $25 more at However, much fear is transpiring that the new site will be occupied by overwhelming amounts of “Amazon” products in an attempt to make money.

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