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Amazon Cloud Player Changes Music

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Not only has Amazon made history last week with it’s new Amazon Cloud drive ,the enterprise is now launching it’s own Cloud Player which permits its clients to upload their music to Amazon’s Cloud Drive servers and either use their PC’s or the internet to listen to them.

This new player and service allows users to upload and store their music on Amazon’s Cloud Drive and play them as they wish. They get 5 GB of storage and an upgrade gets them 20 GB if they buy their music via Amazon and then it’s an additional $1 per gigabyte after that.

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Two apps come with the Cloud Player, one for the web and one for the android.

Although the reseller beat Google and Apple with this new player, service, and apps, when Amazon goes head to head with their own streaming against the two giants there may be some fur flying.

As protective as companies are getting nowadays we may see restrictions laid down and court battles aplenty as we’ve seen so far in some venues regarding digital rights and services.

Since Google rules Android and Apple rules iPhone and iTunes one can be certain that the rumple in the digital jungle has just begun.

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