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Amcdead: Walk-On Role As A Zombie Game

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Amcdead ( which is the official website of AMC’s new series ‘The Walking Dead’ can be found at the following address
After a huge advertising campaign the highly anticipated drama premiered last night (which coincide with the celebration of Halloween) and has fans buzzing all over the world because you can win a chance to be in the series… read on to find out how.

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The series based on the comic of the same name, written by Robert Kirkman was directed by filmmaker Frank Darabondt has a simple plot.”The Walking Dead” is based on an apocalyptic event that fans of the genre have always loved to follow – zombie taking over and infecting all human beings on their paths.The few survivors who are left on Earth, must use their survival instinct to flee and find a place to resettle.

During each episode AMC will reveal a secret code during the commercial break simply go to and enter that code to win.

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