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Android UK Sales & Popularity

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Android UK Sales Popularity – Android has made a massive impact on the UK mobile market with the release of popular devices from HTC and Samsung. It is reported that the amount of people taking out a contract on an Android mobile device has increased from a tiny three percent to a reasonable thirteen percent. There has been a huge increase in companies such as Samsung and HTC marketing Android mobile devices. Because they are both very reputable manufacturers in the mobile world it is no surprise that contracts on Android devices have increased.

However, Android based smart phones do face a lot more competition in this half of the year after the release of the hugely successful iPhone 4. In the first half of the year, the only competition that Android devices faced came from the iPhone.

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However, many people are now keen to get their hands on the iPhone 4, which could potentially affect sales of the Motorola Droid X and other similar devices.

Despite the fact that Android faces fierce competition from Apple, they seem to be doing very well in the current UK mobile phone market. Statistics show that this is a fact, and it is predicted that the figures will only continue to increase over the coming months and possibly even years, depending on what sort of devices are going to be released next. All in all Android seem to be doing very well in fighting off competition from Apple and other companies.

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