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Android Users Victims Of Malware Attacks

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Users of the Android based smartphones got a beating when tens of thousands of them were hit with apps that could take over their phones via malicious software, or malware, that was engineered to steal data or send expensive messages.

In response, Google removed about 55 apps from it’s official Android Marketplace. Luckily it was the alert users and researchers who spotted the malware and wrote to the officials who handled the matter.

These apps looked like the real apps of such programs as games. Users are still up in arms about the issue as Google didn’t handle things as fast as they would have liked.

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It’s another example of how vulnerable the public is whenever new software and apps that are released. The crooks out here are very sharp and realized their best tool is that the public in general is unaware of such basic security preventative procedures.

However in this case it was real slick. By mimicking real apps and games they fooled the users into thinking it was legit and that’s what nailed them.

Experts in the security fields will easily be able to track down the culprits so it’s only a matter of time before they’re apprehended and then will be sitting behind bars broke for the rest of their lives after the lawsuits come in.

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