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Andy Rubin On Nexus One

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Nexus One multitouch interview
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Andy Rubin On Nexus One – Andy Rubin the VP of engineering at Google (GOOG) took time from his very busy schedule to talk to Joshua Topolsky about the Nexus One and the pesky multi-touch issue that Europeans are not facing.”You call this a superphone — 3.7-inch capacitive display, but no keyboard and no multitouch. Yet it has multitouch outside the US. Why not America?” Andy replied by :

“It’s not an America versus outside America kind of thing. It’s a decision that is a result of the OEM model. I personally don’t like two-handed operations… there is no conspiracy.”

He also shared the following infos:
-Rubin says they will eventually sell an enterprise phone in the new Google phone store, which is debuting with the launch of the Nexus One.
-Rubin says the market for Nexus One is people who use Google; not the cheapest phone on the market; not age dependent. And unlike Jon Rubinstein, he does use an iPhone.

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