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Anonymous Hackers Orlando, Florida War Declaration

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The hacker group known as Anonymous has stated that they’re going to war on the city of Orlando, Florida.

The super tourist spot is the latest target of the international computer terrorist group who say they’re targeting Orlando due to the city officials arresting people for giving out food to the homeless.

The group cited as “Food Not Bombs” was handing out food to the homeless of the area but it’s against the law to do so without following specific guidelines such as hygiene and other issues.

Anonymous took umbridge to this as the mayor of the city also was upset with the way things were being handled and called the group “food terrorists”.

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That’s when Anonymous decided to attack.

It may be the undoing of Anonymous though as better law enforcement tools as well as numerous captured members of the group and it’s competition have been gathered around the world.

If Anonymous attacks now, they may end up leaving far more clues and enraging city residents and businesses.

How will federal officials respond to Anonymous? It depends on how much damage is being done. If Anonymous inadvertently attacks some major crime cartel, would the gangsters attack the old fashioned way?

So now we’ll see a new cyberwar and see what the results will be and the ramifications of such.

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