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Anonymous Says Hello

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Anonymous Says Hello – With so many websites out their that are designed to dig into and exploit the hidden secrets of your identity that you just don’t want revealed to people, sometimes it’s nice to come across something like “Anonymous Says Hello.” Not only do you have to worry about websites that people can search your name on and basically find every detail about you that you don’t want people to know. This includes phone numbers, your birth date, or address, basically everything but your social security number. It’s a wonder they can’t get that too isn’t it? Anyway you get the picture, things are getting ridiculous and out of hand. I mean, I understand phone books and even virtual phone books but anything passed a name and number is just too far for me. I don’t believe in it.

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Did you know that when you post something online such as a comment on a blog or something similar you leave a trace of your identity? That’s right. Every house around the world that has an internet connection has a dreaded IP address. Your IP address is the very number that points to your identity and when you leave a comment you leave your IP address. The website owners have access to this and people who know what their doing and know what to look for even have access to this. By knowing an IP you can get a name, number, address, everything! Scary isn’t it.

Well Anonymous Says Hello helps to make it so that your internet activities are hidden behind an “anonymous” user name and IP address that it provides you. Pretty cool huh? I know that I like the idea. I think I might go searching the web unnamed and worry free.

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