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It’s challenging, it’s fun, it’s effective. The AntiGravity Hammock acts as a soft trapeze, supporting you as you master simple suspension techniques leading to advanced inverted poses. AntiGravity yoga is unique; it is unbelievable for relieving compressed joints and aligning the body from head to toe.

What is AntiGravity Yoga?

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AntiGravity Yoga is a fitness regime designed to increase one’s overall health and physical agility while having fun and creating beauty. AntiGravity is an acrobatic performance company whose daily workout utilizes the AntiGravity Hammock. The technique was created by gymnasts for the sake of exploring the air and has been modified and enhanced to fit into the yoga mold and to cater to the everyday athlete. By adding additional techniques from dance, pilates and calisthenics, AntiGravity has created a complete workout that is certain to get you in shape while realigning you from the compression of gravity. AntiGravity Yoga takes into consideration both meanings of the word — working to manipulate physics while staying lighthearted.

What is AntiGravity?

AntiGravity is an acrobatic performance troupe that was founded in NYC in 1990 by Christopher Harrison. From the Olympics to Broadway to MTV, they are the most prominent American based company in the rapidly emerging field of Aerial Arts. The company is best known for their performances which incorporate AntiGravity Boots, Dancing Bungees and the AntiGravity Hammock.

What is the AntiGravity Hammock?

The AntiGravity Hammock is a structural fabric that is connected from two overhead points. It acts like a swing or soft trapeze. The AntiGravity Hammock is utilized to change one’s dynamic relationship to the ground, allowing the participant to better understand their body and its relationship to physics.


Christopher Harrison is the Founder and Artistic Director of AntiGravity Inc. His background is in competitive gymnastics as a tumbling specialist where he took second place in the nation and fourth place at the USSAF World Games. Christopher is arguably the first person in the U.S. to perform a full twisting back flip from a standing position. He went on to cheer for his University and while there created an acrobatic partnering technique called “cheernastics” which he taught to college cheersquads nationwide in a program with then unknown Paula Abdul. The principles of his technique helped pave the way to the now popular sport of PowerCheering. Mr. Harrison holds a BFA in Dance from the University of Utah which led him to perform on Broadway and in feature films before starting his New York based company. He spent many years as a gymnastics coach, cheer coach, aerobics instructor, in-line skating instructor and fitness expert for New York City programs while pursuing his choreographic and performance career. He was awarded the “New Yorker of the Week” by Time Warner for his work with children in fitness during the NYC Goodwill Games. He sits on the board of the Wendy Hilliard Foundation, dedicated to bringing fitness to underprivileged youth. Mr. Harrison is also the Creator of AntiGravity Boots —as a performance device, AntiGravity Yoga—as a fitness technique and the AntiGravity Hammock—which his company utilizes for both. He has produced, directed, choreographed hundreds of high-profile productions worldwide and created jobs for hundreds of athletes and technicians. AntiGravity Yoga is yet another way for Christopher to inspire others with his passion for expression through physicality.

Inception Statement:

“The technique of working on fabric as a performance apparatus is fairly new in the aerial arts, emerging in the mid 1990’s. As far as we know, we were the first company to use the apparatus looped as a hammock or swing rather than like a rope. This was actually because our company members were not circus performers, but athletes and dancers so it was much safer to have a seat at the bottom of the hanging fabric. Our performers found that working this apparatus gave them a great core and upper-body workout — it shredded their abs. We also found that there were other hidden benefits from hanging upside down. We would relax inverted in between sets and discovered it would revitalize our entire body. The aerialists that work on this apparatus tend to be a very positive group — and for many they have performance careers that continue well into their forties. AntiGravity Yoga emerged naturally from our work. Creating the technique for the everyday athlete has led to wonderful new discoveries we are eager to share.”

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