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Apple A4 vs. Snapdragon

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Apple A4 vs. Snapdragon – The iPad has been selling of the shelves like crazy and everyone wants to know how the hardware in this puppy is staking up against the best of them. What kind of CPU does it feature, how big is the hard drive, how much memory does it have, and how will it run top games in the iTunes store like Call of Duty World at War Zombies? Well one piece of hardware that is surely going to have an affect over its performance is the CPU that is featured inside the Apple iPad. Apple is all about meeting the demands of the customers and it is clear this time around that the customers want something that stacks up with the best of computers. Maybe falling a little short of stacking up with high end computers, the iPad still offers some good speed and reliability to the table. Particularly with their A4 SoC that is looking like it’s much faster than the highly remarked Snapdragon.

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The processor appears to be dual chipped and is ranking well above the processor featured in the iPhone 3GS. It appears to be much faster and more fluent operations. The Snapdragon turns out to be much faster as might have been guessed thanks to its 1GHZ clock speed but what could you expect? There is still something to check out though, what about Apple’s 1GHZ A4?

Well it turns out that despite knowing very little about Apple’s 1GHZ A4 processor, it runs considerable faster than the Snapdragon. So one thing is for sure if you’re looking for a reliable processor that is going to run much faster and more efficient than the Snapdragon, the A4 1GHZ Processor from Apple is your best bet and is going to perform at remarkable speeds.

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