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Apple Announcement September 1: Apple Debuts ITunes 10

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Apple Announcement September 1: Apple Debuts ITunes 10 – Apple made a number of important announcements during their annual September conference. The largest of their announcements was the unveiling of iTunes 10, which will feature a number of upgrades over the previous version. The newest version of the software will feature a number of new social networking features that will allow iTunes users to connect with one another.

Steve Jobs said that the new features, dubbed Ping, would make the service “Facebook and Twitter meet iTunes.” Users will be able to add other users as friends on the service in the same way that they do on their other social networking profiles, but will also be able to see what their friends are listening to and purchasing via the iTunes service. Jobs went on to say that this will allow users to share new music with their friends directly through the service.

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The new features will also be available on the iPod touch and iPhone via a new button that will be added to the app store. The move shows that Apple is committed to increasing the range of their product. With so many popular websites and services adding social features, it is clear that they do not want to fall behind in this department, especially with rumors being passed around that Google is developing their own social networking service.

The download will be available on Wednesday at and Users of the iPhone will also be able to update their iTunes store app to gain access to the new features that have been introduced with Ping.

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