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Apple Announcement:Apple Event Debuts New Apple TV

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Apple Announcement:Apple Event Debuts New Apple TV – Apple is attempting to answer many of the questions that consumers have regarding their products, including what features users can expect to find in the newest version of the iPod and details regarding the re-launch of the upcoming Apple TV product.

With their sales still going strong, the company is trying to keep a buzz surrounding their newest products including the upcoming Apple TV and the recently launched iPad product. The iPad has performed unexpectedly well since it was first released, and continues to be a hot commodity in the tech community.
The presentation on Wednesday was aimed at consumers. Each September they hold the mini-conference to allow customers to ask questions about their products and make small announcements regarding future releases. Fans will be able to watch streaming video of the event on; however the company will use their own streaming technology which will ensure that Windows-based computers will not be able to view the broadcast.

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So far, the iPod has totaled 9.41 million units in the quarter that ended June 26th, making it one of Apple’s hottest selling products. However, the iPod has been losing steam to a number of other Apple products that also include the features from the iPod, and sales are down 8% from the previous year.
Apple has been on a roll as of late, and several months ago was named the largest tech company in the world based on their mobile sales, finally surpassing Microsoft as the top tech company in the world, although they were never able to surpass them in personal computer sales.

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