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Apple Cloud Music Service Near

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Amazon Inc and Google had better step up their goals to have a comprehensive cloud based music streaming service because it’s reported that Apple Inc is about to close their deals with the big music companies and launch their own cloud based service.

The streaming service is basically where customers can access their MP3s and music that is stored online for free. This way they can just access their stored music and enjoy it from any computer or hand held like an iPhone or iPad.

Apple Inc got Warner Music Group Corp, EMI Group, Sony Music Entertainment and several more lined up to accommodate music lovers.

If all goes well the users who have a streaming service will allow them to access their tunes with a snap.

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Streaming affords people to see videos and listen to music at their convenience and because the sales of DVDs and CDs are falling in favor of streaming it’s a natural move for this venture.

This seems like a smart move but it all depends on how well cloud computing works for this format.

Basically, cloud computing is a process where software that is normally on one’s computer is stored on a server that is accessed by a user instead of having the software eating up resources on their computer.

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