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Apple Earnings 2011 (Q1)

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Just one day after Steve Jobs announced that he would taking a leave of absence due to medical reasons, Apple released some of the most impressive and shocking sales results for first quarter of 2011.

The total amount of revenue for the company has skyrocketed recently, reaching $26.74 billion for one quarter alone, something which impressed even the company itself.

That is a significant increase in profits, over seventy percent in fact. Net quarterly profit still managed to climb up to $6 billion, trumping any sales records they have ever had in the past by a long shot.

Apple originally projected that they would make $23 billion by the end of the quarter but as it turned out they were off by about $3 billion. The company is famous for playing down their predictions though, so when the actual numbers come out for the entire quarter they are much more impressive.
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Their great quarter is no doubt due to the overwhelming success of the iPad and iPhones which people can’t seem to get enough of, buying them up in record numbers in the last few months.

Consumers are eagerly awaiting the announcement for the next iPad which will no doubt have the company’s sales figures skyrocketing once again.

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