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Apple Free iPad Every Replacement Battery

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Apple Free iPad Every Replacement Battery – Much like the iPhone, the battery inside of the iPad will not be replaceable without first sending it in to Apple themselves. It was then released in their support documentation that instead of receiving a new battery in your old iPad, you would instead be receiving a brand new iPad all together. This was met with cheers from many of the fans, who had thought that this should have been the case all along with the iPhone battery replacement.

While the idea of a non-replaceable battery did not sit that well with the original announcement, many have come to realize that the third party external batteries are much more powerful, and much more convenient for most of their customers. Generally, these batteries are able to last much longer, and when the battery finally does go out or stop working, the company will replace them for a small fee. In the case of the iPad, you can receive your new iPad complete with a brand new battery for just $100. This is much cheaper than most originally estimated that the service would cost.
It is assumed that these replacements will be refurbished models of the iPad. This is standard, as whenever you send an Apple product in to be fixed, such as an iPod or an iPhone, they have always sent you back a brand new refurbished model. However, Apple has never sent a refurbished model back to individuals who needed a new battery before. It is assumed that they are doing this because the cost of producing the iPad is much cheaper than replacing the battery for the owner.
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It is unclear whether or not his service is currently available, or if this is a change that they will be making in the near future. With the recent release of the iPad, hopefully no customers will have to find out for quite some time.

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