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Apple, Google Facing Lawmakers Over Privacy

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The controversy regarding the use of tracking data of users of it’s iPhones and Smartphones has Google and Apple in the sights of lawmakers who are concerned about privacy issues.

The companies that gather data from users say they need the data for various reasons and that has them salivating at the prospect of what such gleaned information can yield, however, the government is thinking otherwise.

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The companies say they primarily need the data so they can target users with the right advertising thus tweaking their advertising targets for greater efficiency.

The problem here is that the information gathered could be considered a privacy risk that would take advantage of the public and could be used by criminals to compromise a person beyond the administrative powers of government and law enforcement.

It’s growing considerably more difficult for a person to safeguard their private information and it looks like there is no stopping it. Nowadays a simple search via a search engine like Google can gather up so much pertinent data that anyone, even if they themselves hasn’t put that information online can find detailed data about themselves they may wish to have not been divulged.

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