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Apple Headquarters New Building

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Working at Apple Inc. just got better.

Steve Jobs, the Apple CEO has revealed the new design for the company’s main headquarters. A donut shaped flying saucer type building that will hold 12,000 staff members.

That must have investors dancing with joy as it shows Jobs’ confidence in the future of Apple Inc. The new complex is so high tech it can sustain itself with its own power source. The building will be built on the former Hewlett-Packard property.

This new building will have the works. Cafeterias that can seat 3,000 and landscaped natural habitat and probably all the coolest Apple toys ever created.

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At a time of economic turmoil and people fighting for employment, to have a company build a complex this advanced is something of a glimmer of hope for the rest of the industrial industry. Apple Inc. has surprisingly eclipsed Microsoft in profits and that’s due to the rise of the iPad and iPhone. With this momentum and with Jobs back to the stage after battling illnesses that kept him out of the spotlight for a while.

This is just another good sign not only for Apple Inc., but for businesses all around who should be following their successful model.

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