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Apple Insecure Software?

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Apple Insecure Software? – Security company Secunia has claimed that Apple had more flaws reported in the first half of this year than any other computer software provider. Oracle and Microsoft were numbers two and three. This is going to cause many concerns, particularly for Apple and Microsoft users. The report provided by the security company takes a look at different programs that run on these operating systems, as well as the operating system itself. It has been reported that the majority of the issues with all three of the least secure software companies are to do with third party software.

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Third party applications have caused numerous problems, sometimes up to eighty percent in the case of Microsoft. The report shows that web browsers are the most insecure pieces of software out of them all. A note was added about the fact that the severity of the flaws found is not included in the report. This means that small flaws as well as big ones were detected, but we can’t be sure which are which.
This means that the information that has been provided by the report is far from perfect, but it does give some indications as to what is going on. Some people are going to obviously be very concerned by the security issues faced by certain companies, but because of the information provided by the report, it is important not to be too concerned, as more research needs to be done into where these flaws actually lie and what they mean.

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