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Apple iOS 4 Update For Reception Issue?

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Apple iOS 4 Update For Reception Issue – Initially the release of Apple’s iOS 4 update was met with great excitement among fans of iPhone’s, iPad’s, and iPod’s. However, as soon as the new software started to roll out, the complaints started to roll in. Almost immediately a number of problems were spotted by customers and reported to the company in hopes that they would fix them. Users have reported reception issues after updating their software. This news forced Apple to announce that they would be releasing their first update for the operating system ahead of schedule in order to put a stop to the problem.

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The complaints stated that holding the phone a certain way would weaken or even cut off the signal the phone received. This lead to many dropped calls, a phenomenon that AT&T is already well known for. It is said that holding the phone with your left hand, depending on how you hold the phone, may interfere with the antenna band that runs around the unit. If you cover too much of the band, you will find that your reception will diminish, or disappear altogether.
The issue was a surprise to users, but some experts had already predicted that it would be a serious problem. Gert Frolund Pedersen, an antenna expert and professor at Aalborg University in Denmark spoke about the problem with the antenna placement just a few weeks before the phone was officially released.
The debate continues as to whether the signal loss is related to the hardware and actual design of the phone, or is a software-related issue. Nevertheless, Apple reps have said on their forums that they will be releasing their first update for iOS 4 in hopes that they will be able to put an end to the problem.

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