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Apple iPad Target Deal

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Apple iPad Target Deal – Apple’s iPad tablet was previously only sold in Apple’s flagship stores, which some people seem not too keen to visit. An announcement has been made, however, saying that a new retailer has been given the rights to sell the iPad in the U.S., Target.

Target is the second retailer to be allowed to sell the device, the first being Best Buy. These are currently the only two non-Apple retail stores to stock and sell the iPad. Apple is slowly releasing its iPad in different stores, aiming at different markets and to get more products sold. There’s nothing different about the models, as the same six models are being sold at the same prices as in the Apple store. The iPads are only available in store, not on Target’s online website. Some of the accessories, however, are sold in Target’s online store.

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The iPad is a big seller, and it’s a big help for sales and profits to be able to stock the much sought after product. Target could be in for a possible windfall, with sales estimates hovering around 3.27 million units for the iPad’s first three months of existence. Predictions of the future of the iPad look rather healthy, with some analysts predicting total iPad sales could jump to 21 million units in 2011.

“We hope to sell a lot more later this week, once people are more aware that we carry it,” said Chetna Parikh, a Target electronics team member.

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