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Apple iPad2 Software Glitch Recall 2011

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That steam rising over the horizon comes from some really angry iPad2 owners who were told their devices are being recalled due to a software glitch.

Apple Inc. has decided to recall an unspecified number of iPad2 tablets that are configured to use the Verizon network because the units have a connectivity problem or two.

The problem they say is the hard coding of the devices as they’re specifically using an unique MEID code. An MEID is a “Mobile Equipment Identifier”. Some of the iPad2s were accidentally given the same MEID code and that means the duplicates won’t work. The company didn’t say how many units were affected.

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As usual, nobody told customer service about it and that added more fuel to the fire.

This is a situation where somebody started rushing things out to the market and didn’t do the proper checks to make sure the devices met factory specs.

People have been waiting endlessly for these new Apple tablets and to have them hauled away at the last minute is sure a let down.

Apple Inc is going to have some explaining to do, not only about the defects but also why no one told customer service so that they could handle the growing concerned customers.

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