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Apple iPhone 4 Million Units Ready

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Apple iPhone 4 Million Units Ready – Apparently Apple is expecting a huge launch for their next iPhone product. Apple’s contract manufacturer found out that Apple plans to ship over 24 million units by the end of the year. They said that the Taiwan-based Foxconn will be responsible for shipping nearly 5 million iPhones by the end of June. They will have shipped nearly 20 million units by the end of 2010. It appears that Apple is taking a different strategy with the iPhone than they ever did with the iPad. 24 million is a huge number, especially compared to the 50 million in total sales since the iPhone first debuted in 2007. Perhaps Apple is planning to flood the market, something that would likely benefit them in their ongoing battle against phones utilizing the Android operating system.

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Another explanation for the large number could be that Apple is planning a large price cut on that model of iPhone, which would help them to sell more units over the long term. This would also go along with reports that the company could be building a CDMA phone, which would help them if they planned on adding more carriers partners to their plan for the iPhone.
The report stated that the next generation of the iPhone will have an extra ARM Cortex A8 processor, and nearly 512 MB of memory. That is double the amount of memory that is currently included in the iPhone 3GS, leaving a number of new possibilities open for app developers.

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