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Apple iPhone 4 Recall?

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Apple iPhone 4 Recall? – Some have speculated that Apple will recall the iPhone 4, following a barrage of bad press about the wireless signal strength. It is a scar on the release of one of the biggest mobile devices of all time. Some industry insiders are wondering if the company would consider recalling the phones, and giving the users back a version that does not have all of the problems.
The iconic iPhone has been released for less than a month, but the problems are rampant with the phone. Users have reported many different problems, with a large majority of the complaints relating to service issues.

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“Complaints about poor reception and a scathing report by an influential consumer guide sparked a betting frenzy over the past 24 hours with hundreds of shrewd punters backing a potential recall with Paddy Power before the bookie had a chance to react,” said one insider.
Some have accused Apple of pushing the phone out before it is ready. The release of the phone was very fast by all accounts, and the current betting trends are showing that the phone is considered to be a high-risk for recall. It is estimated that the iPhone 4 has sold more than 2 million units since it was first released, and a recall of this magnitude would cost the company millions of dollars. With their stock diving, the company may be looking to limit the damage now, instead of trying to repair the image later.

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