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Apple iPhone OS 4 Event April 8 2010

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Apple iPhone OS 4 Event April 8 2010 – Apple announced this week that they will be holding a press event on Thursday, April 8th at 10AM PDT. During the press event they will reportedly be offering a sneak peek at the latest updates to the iPhone OS software. It has been reported that the iPhone OS 4 will include features that deal with multitasking support, including multitasking for third party iPhone applications. This is a topic that has caused a great deal of controversy with iPhone users in the past, and has been lacking in previous versions of the operating system. This is something that Google capitalized on when they released their Android OS, which featured multitasking features.

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Criticism over the lack of multitasking support has also been directed toward apples new tablet product, the iPad in recent weeks as well. As other companies including HP and Asus gear up to release their touch screen tablet products that include multitasking support, some have speculated that the iPad’s lack of multitasking support could come back to bite the company in that market as well.
Reportedly, the new multitasking features that will be included in the OS update for the iPhone will allow the user to press the “Home” button twice, and will bring up icons that represent the apps that are currently running on the device. The user will then be able to select which app they would like to use from presumably any screen on the iPhone. The browser that is packaged with the iPhone, Safari, already featured similar technology that allowed the user to surf between several different open browser windows.
Other rumored featured that may appear during the press event include a re-designed user interface that makes the iPhone easier for the user to navigate, among other graphical changes and changes to the user interface.

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