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Apple iPhone Preorders Hit

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Apple iPhone Preorders Hit – After widespread problems with their ordering system, AT&T has decided to halt sales for the upcoming iPhone. Yesterday, so many flocked to their site to purchase the phone that the server became bogged down, and a number of customers noticed that they had been logged into accounts that were not theirs, creating a security risk and exposure of information from the database. All in all, the phone has been preordered 600,000 times so far.

The number of preorders that Apple has ever taken, for any product, on a single day. The amount far exceeded the companies expectations and constituted a very successful launch for them. The surge in demand shows that Steve Jobs did a great job of announcing the upcoming device, and explaining the features that are included on the new version of the iPhone.
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There are many new features, the most popular ons include a front facing camera for video conferencing, and the ability for users to multi-task.

In recent months, it has become quite trendy to own an iPhone, especially since they have come down in price with a two year contract with AT&T. This is supported by the large interest in the newest version of the phone. In response to the monster sales, Apple saw their stock climb $7.56 per share, or 2.9 percent, all the way up to $267.25 on the Nasdaq Stock Market.
Apple was able to sell over 50 million iPhone’s since they first introduced the device in 2007. It has become the most popular mobile device int he world, and continues to gain in popularity, especially following the announcement of the newest phone.

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