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Apple iTunes Hacked by App Developers

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Apple iTunes Hacked by App Developers – Apple iTunes has long been considered one of the most stable platforms for downloading songs, videos and now apps and even games on your computer, iPhone, iPad or iTouch. Apple is renowned for their products but they would be nothing without the addition of iTunes. With the iTunes library you can download free games, music and videos or you can pay for exclusive content. They’ve implemented affordable plans and they’ve led the way in the gadget customizing industry. However, with all of this potential it’s created a lot of competition amongst app developers who have their products listed in the iTunes library. Every one of them is dying to get their developments to the top of the iTunes App Store sales charts and they will do just about anything to get there.

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One way to accomplish your goals and improve profits: hack your way through the system. Next Web was first to report on the publicized hacking story which is reportedly spread all throughout the iTunes store. The problem relies within accounts created on the store which have left a loop hole for hackers to use the accounts and get into special areas of the Apple online software store. This weekend new reports came in that a developer on iTunes had created an app specifically designed to hack Apple user accounts. Of course, the developer used the hack accounts to purchase their own applications from iTunes. In some cases the hackers spent as much as $1,400 under one account.
While the scam might sound simple and a common issue that Apple will need to deal with effectively, there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. The overall goal with hacking users accounts and spending money doesn’t seem to be to actually profit from the hacked accounts but rather to improve their standings on the “best sellers” listings, ultimately bringing in more money from legitimate buyers.

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