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Apple Mac Mini Refresh

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Apple Mac Mini Refresh – Apple redesigned the Mac Mini. They did so by replacing the white plastic body of the previous model, with a new, aluminum model that will have a much faster graphic processor for their users enjoyment. It is the least expensive Mac that the company has to offer, and will now contain the GeForce 320M processor. This will allow for twice the graphics speed of the previous model, and will address many of the complaints that the old model had received. It will also have a SD card slot that will allow users to transfer both photos and videos from their digital cameras onto the device.

The Mac Mini will also be much smaller than before. It will be a square 7.7 inches, but less than an inch and a half thick at its thickest point. The power supply that will be located inside of the new model will reduce the required amount by nearly 20%, according to a recent statement by Apple.
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The new model will feature a 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, along with a 320 GB, 5,4000 RPM hard drive that will allow for maximum storage on the small device. Along with those features, the device will also have 8 GB of SDRAM available for their users.

The new model is certainly a drastic improvement over the previous model, which had received poor reviews from nearly everyone who had used the device. This new model will make the device much faster, and the graphics will be much more up to speed with the requirements of today’s user.

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